Friday, May 20, 2011

My Baby Dreams

I have been having all sorts of crazy dreams lately.

Especially on babies!! Last night I dreamed that I was changing my baby's diaper. Except she was so tiny .. well I guess it was just my anxiety of fearing my baby will be born prematurely.

And then the view changed towards the baby ward.
I was there all alone, nobody was around, Hubby was no where to be found.
I was sitting there looking at newly born baby, all covered in blood (You expect them to be squeaky clean coming out from your womb? Of course there's blood coming in the picture somewhere!) and the crying. I was so thrilled. I touched her tiny little hand and she wrap her palms around my little finger.

I woke up feeling so real.. as If when I opened my eyes I could see her right away. But good things in all terms need to be waited upon. Another 3 - 5 more weeks to go I will be hugging my daughter. Finally, I am able to announced to the world that this is "MY DAUGHTER". :D :D

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