Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Life is always full of mystery...
especially how we were conceived and being brought into this world.

I never fully appreciate what life is until this little human started growing in my womb.
It's amazing to see how your baby grow each day, from a tiny little embryo into a fully form fetus and then coming out to greet this world in a human form. As each day passes by they grow up, giving you different kind of experience..

I still remembered that day when I found out I was pregnant with Baby Ezra. I took a pregnancy test and it showed a faint pink line, thrilled I called Hubby and sent him a picture, he wasn't so sure either. In total I took four pregnancy test, 2 with faint line and 2 without anything. But I was positively sure I am pregnant! Then it was confirmed on Nov 3rd. Although initially Doc did an ultrasound which didn't showed anything, he asked me to go for a urine test.. Well, I guess you know the results. I was 4 weeks pregnant!! The looked on our faces just, the feeling is just so overwhelming, Hubby was smiling non stop and he practically told EVERYONE about it.

Went for a monthly scan a month later on Dec 1st and saw the baby for the first time. She was so small and Doc did a doppler scan, we listened as her heart beats 179bpm . I remember looking at the screen, hoping with all my heart that this baby can grow up healthily, nothing in this world could take her away from me. I felt bad actually when I DID consider an abortion because for my own, but I am glad I didn't! I am truly grateful I didn't do it.. If it wasn't for this baby, I will never ever be able to experience the meaning of life.

Thank You for coming into my life. ^^

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