Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yeah, I've made a progress!

This is my 11th post..

I'm going to keep going.

Blogging I realise is just to keep people update with trivial stuff..

Not much of a "vomit-your-heart-out" kinda thing.

Nothing much to say though...

Another Day

I am supposed to be in class today, but instead decided to be a bad girl, I slept in a bit.

Then my mind is on a war whether or not to go to class, but the devil within me won.
I've decided to skip class..

Even if I do skipped classes, I want to promise myself that I will study hard for the exams
Just like what I did for my last semester.

Good luck ;)

Vivi, you can do it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quitting Facebook

There are perhaps thousands of reasons for me to quit facebook, but none of them beat the number one. that is Privacy.

I realised that, people add to just "monitor" your life, even some of them which they knew perfectly well that you hate them to the core.

Ok, I admit that there are times where I added someone to my friendlist with intention that I can at least get something out of their profile. but I haven't done that in ages.

Facebook is a scary place.. It's no longer a social networking space instead it's full of scandals. People monitor your life, people virtually stalk you and you will not be surprise by how much they know you just by clicking the linked site to your blog, which you have by any means wants to show others. So.. it's dangerous.

I hate it so much that some are actually using these social networking site to violate other people's privacy, by telling tales which are not true, which are pure guessing work.

But, what can we do?
We have already given others permission to enter our world when we clicked yes.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I love reading a lot..

Yes I do love reading a lot.

No joke, I don't like reading but instead I LOVE reading.

*OK, enough of emphasizing* :P

I felt that, each page I turned gives me space to wonder

My mind is brought away by the wind of fantasy..

It is a great experience..

wonderful and mesmerizing.

That's why I love reading.