Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fuck the world

Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it!

Why do I get angry so easily!! why on earth do I have to go through all of these..

For no reason at all I get irritated over one small thing, but yet for stupid DH I have to put on a fake smile, wearing a stupid hat smiling and agreeing to what all the world have to say.

Why am I being so sensitive? why does it come at the end of my pregnancy? Why is everybody giving me a hard time?

Sometimes I wished I wasn't in this situation, I wished to be alone! I want to be alone and enjoy the loneliness, and have my dogs around me. I want to have a cigarette, so I could take things away from my mind. I wished someone could be here with me instead I am being left alone to deal with all the unfamiliar surrounding. I am forced to drive a fucking manual car, forced to take care of another person and being forced to live in a fucking small town where I am bound by directions, cause I don't know which fucking way I have to go.

Fuck it~ fuck the world. Fuck everything. I wished I could go to church, I wished I was back in the goddamn familiar place, I wished I could runaway, and have my daughter in some faraway land. Where nobody knows me and have the whole world searching for me!! Damn all this.. Damn all the fucking thing in this world.

Of all the person, I thought he should understand but instead what he gave in respond is not something I want. As if I cared. I don't fucking give a shit. FUCK OFF

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