Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fuck Off

Recently my emotional well being has reached a peak whereby I get irritated easily. I don't get along with anybody which I usually do, and I get annoyed easily.

Can somebody please tell me what's wrong? I am coming to the end of my pregnancy, currently 38 weeks, another 2 more weeks, could this be the reason I get irritated easily? I am like a balloon bursting anytime. Oh God, please help me on this!!

I hate it when people bossed me around, I get annoyed when I see this stupid three year old with fucking bad manners who scream and kicked when his parents tell him NO; picking food out of the freshly served dish makes me want to slap his head over and over!! I hate kids with behavior issues, his parents should have discipline him like a dog!!

My tummy is small and everybody is picking on it. SO WHAT? MIL asked me to eat more, everyday she would call and say : eat more, eat more! WTF, excuse me I don't like to stuffed myself like a turkey and I am definitely not like you! She eats like a cow and I am no cow.

Had been arguing with DH. In my mind I have already planned out what I wanted to do in life but one freaking word he just came and crushed it! OK great!!! It's my life and I should be the one in control but instead this monster just invade my life like nobody's business and start bossing me around telling what to do and what not to do! I hate to stuck in this stupid small town, with an old bat and I hate every single thing here!!!!!! fuck it, fuck all this.

God if You are listening, please take all this problem away from me. I hate it when my mind just act like a TNT and like it's gonna explode sooooon!! FUCK EVERYTHING

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