Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Little Surprise

2010 has marked a great year for me.. I've been through more than I could handle this year.
All the bittersweet memory in this year although forgiven yet I believe will not easily forgotten..

This year I've been on an emotional roller coaster ride ~ But I will take this as a great lesson of my life. :) I'm glad things finally came to an end and I will make sure things like these will not happened again.

Yet nothing beats the biggest surprise I received earlier this month and I am pretty sure God is trying to prove to me His greatness. Which I have no doubt or whatsoever. :D

This tiny little big surprise God has given me makes me realize I can't stay a kid forever and I'm glad He made it happened.

For what I wanted the most for this moment is that.. this baby will grow up healthy and beautifully. Will go for an ultrasound 1st of Dec ~ I can't wait to see baby peanut. :D

P/s: We have always loved you even before you were conceived, and names have been carefully chosen two years before your arrival. What I want now is for you to grow up healthily as a wonderful baby. :) Love, Mommy.

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